Cashier POS

Convenient sales

Sell from a smartphone or tablet

Receipt options

Provide printed or electronic receipts

Payment flexibility

Accept multiple payment methods as per your choice

Open tickets

Create, save and edit orders whenever convenient


Apply discounts to receipts or specific items


Process refunds for selected items or entire receipts

Item variations

Condense the list of items for simplified creation and management


Modify orders easily with item add-ons and preparation preferences

Cash shifts

Track cash movement for reduced errors and manipulation

Offline usage

Sell from a smartphone or tablet

Weight barcodes

Add items to sales by scanning weight barcodes

Easy scanning

Scan barcodes with the built-in rear camera for easy sales

Hardware compatibility

Support receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers

Centralized management

Manage multiple stores under one account for sales, inventory, and employee tracking

Customer data

Simultaneously display order information to customers through a separate digital display

Inventory management

Item importation

Import items quickly using CSV spreadsheets

Inventory tracking

Track product stocks or component stocks in real-time

Low stock notifications

Receive daily notifications for low stock items

Purchase order management

Plan purchases and export records to suppliers

Transfer orders

Create transfer orders and manage stock movement between stores

Stock adjustments

Increase and decrease stock levels for received items, damages, and losses

Inventory counts

Perform full or partial stocktakes using barcode scanners or manual entry

Production tracking

Track stock of items produced from ingredients

Label printing

Print barcode labels for effortless item management in sales, purchase orders, or inventory counts

Inventory history

Gain insights into inventory flow by reviewing adjustment logs

Inventory valuation report

View reports on inventory costs and potential profit

CRM & Loyalty program

Customers base

Analyze customer visits and purchase amounts to identify most loyal customers

Reward programs

Motivate customers with bonus points for recurring purchases

Purchase history

View customer purchase history for personalized service

Loyalty cards

Instantly identify customers by scanning loyalty card barcodes

Customers address

Print customer address on receipts for streamlined delivery orders


Take notes about customers to remember their preferences

Employee management


Track employee performance and make informed business decisions

Smart management

Efficiently manage staff workload per hour

Access rights

Manage access to sensitive information and functions

Time clock

Clock-in/clock-out system with total hours calculation


24/7 live chat support

Instant access to our dedicated support team 24/7

Help center

Find answers, tutorials, and video guides in the Clopos Help Center

Clopos community

Engage with other Clopos users, share work experiences, and provide insights in discussions

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