Centralized management

Simultaneous management of all branches

Even if your business has more than one branch, management is still convenient! By monitoring the activity of all branches from the same system, you can adjust operations either synchronously or separately for the branch

Simultaneous management of all branches

Consolidated management

By managing all your locations through one system, you can easily track total sales, inventory, and employee performance

Inventory control

By being able to see all of your inventory at once, you can manage what to buy and prevent losses by making transfer decisions between inventories

Business analysis

With consolidated analyzes of all branches, you comprehensively review your business, identify opportunities for growth and improvement

Streamlined management of multiple branches

  • Flexibility in managing all branches at once or separately
  • Consistent application of franchising rules across all branches
  • Unified CRM and marketing campaigns
  • Centralized menu, inventory, and financial management
  • Sales statistics
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Centralized statistics
Efficiently analyze cross-branch activities and make informed decisions by centralizing data collection from all branches into a single system
Clopos Venue Dashboard

Pricing products by branches

Pricing products by branches

Grant employees access to specific branches

Grant employees access to specific branches

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all employees with system access have the ability to view all branches simultaneously?

The decision is in your hands. You have the ability to determine which employees can access specific branches through the "Permissions" section. If there's a need to modify these permissions, you can easily do so by making and saving the necessary changes within the permissions section of the back-office control panel or the Clopos Manager application.

Can I monitor the inventories of my various branches simultaneously?

Thanks to a centralized management system, you can effectively manage inventory levels across multiple branches and make transfer decisions when required.

Is it possible to establish varying prices for the same products in different branches?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to either synchronize prices across all branches using a centralized management system or set individual prices for each location as per your preference.

Could simultaneous operation of multiple branches potentially lead to confusion between them?

Our system provides both individual and comprehensive analyses and reports for all branches. This allows you to effortlessly examine specifics such as data, inventory levels, and employee performance across all your branches, making business management a seamless process.

Is there a limit to the number of branches that the centralized management system can accommodate?

No, a centralized management system allows you to monitor and manage an unlimited number of branches from a single system.